Peter Gunz Freestyled Lyrics About How Tara and Amina Can Do Better Than Him

"Tara could do better, true. Amina could do better too."

Peter Gunz is out here rapping that his wife Amina Buddfaly and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Tara Wallace could honestly do better than little ol’ him. The Love & Hip Hop star was spotted freestyling (over the beat for his hit “Déjà Vu”) and gave the lyrics a little spin about the two women in his life.

The lyrics from the portion of the video, shared by The Shade Room, include some musings on the two ladies, as well as his famous friends thoughts on him doing reality TV.

Tara could do better, true. Amina could do better too. She could go and find a better me but I’m away cause I ain’t trying to find a better you. Busta Rhymes told me not to do this s–t. Sway said treat it like some movie s–t.

Do you think Peter’s still got flow or no? Do you think Peter took Sway’s advice and is treating his life on reality TV like a movie?

At the Love & Hip Hop season four reunion, Peter and Amina performed the autobiographical “Don’t Wanna Be Right”.

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