Chris Brown + Karrueche Tran’s Nightclub Reunion Results In A Major Fight

It's official: Breezy is the ex-BF from Hell.

Chris Brown’s attempts to reunite with former flame Karruche Tran at an L.A. nightclub backfired spectacularly, resulting in a major brawl and police involvement. But let’s face it— when Chris Brown comes around, major brawls and police involvement can never be far behind, right?

Breezy rolled up to the Playhouse Club on Thursday night for a party hosted by Christina Milian. Considering she’s one of Karrueche’s good friends, Brown was banking on his beloved ex showing up. His instincts proved correct and she arrived later on in the night, resulting in an uncomfortable reunion. For a moment it looked like Brown’s creepy rom-com antics would pay off, as the pair were spotted leaving the club together and squeezing into the same SUV.

Hold up— Didn’t she say she was done with him forever after all of the baby mama drama? Is she actually taking him back!?

Nope! Sources reveal that Brown was the reason Karrueche left the party, and he slipped into the SUV against her wishes. They eventually kicked him to the curb, but he showed up at her house around 3:30 AM, screaming and banging on her door. That’s textbook Bad Ex Behavior, y’all. Police were eventually called to quell the noise he and his friends were making.

Karrueche eventually left her home and went to late-night eatery, Norm’s Diner. Brown followed her there, where a full-scale screaming match ensued. So yeah, don’t expect that reunion to happen anytime soon.

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