The Internet Is Misinterpreting Zayn Malik’s Latest Tweet as Kim Kardashian Shade


Twitter is a minefield. One can only hope to scroll through one’s timeline and send out a tweet or two without getting blown to pieces.

Sexy man who sings Zayn Malik posted a tweet this afternoon that, upon first glance, seemed to have a double entendre. “Love how people feel liberated naked .. Read a book liberate your brain,” he wrote.

With all of the fracas that followed Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie last week, many immediately jumped to the conclusion that Malik’s tweet was some sort of commentary—albeit late—on Kardashian’s photo. Zayn quickly posted that his tweet wasn’t shade. Still, it was hard to tell exactly what he meant by it.

Malik tried to explain with this:

But perhaps this random fan explained him better than he could explain himself (he RT’d the following):

Case in point: None of the above is shade. Malik is actually expressing his support for all forms of self-expression, naked selfies included. Twitter is barbarous.

Anyway, Malik releases his debut album, Mind of Mine, prettttty soon—10 days to be exact. Set a calendar reminder. It’s gonna be steamy.

Is it empowering when celebrities post naked pictures on the Internet? Find out what some of us here at VH1 had to say about the topic in the clip below.

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