Same Name, Different Song: Classic Hits That Share The Same Title

"Jump," "Lady," "Fire," "Shout" + more: same names, very different tunes.

There are only 26 letters in our common alphabet and only so many ways even the most creative songwriter can arrange them. As a result, numerous songs that may vary wildly from one another end up sharing one most basic element in common: their title.

Here’s a list of ten such fertile monikers that have produced multiple classic hits for different artists in different genres, often (but not always) during different time periods. So when putting in a request for, say, “Fire” or “Jump” or even the relatively surprising “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” be sure to be very specific.

1. Jump
Three smash singles titled “Jump” have leapt to the highest peaks of the pop charts, with each one being extremely evocative of the time they were released and, likely not coincidentally, a lot of fun to jump along to from the moment they start.

“Jump” – Pointer Sisters (1983)

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