Jared Fogle Got Into a Prison Fight and Lost (Badly)


Jared Fogle is currently serving a 15-year sentence in Colorado’s Englewood prison for child pornography and underage sex charges, and he is already pissing off the inmates. Well, one in particular. According to TMZ, 60-year-old prisoner Steven Nigg got into a tussle with the former sandwich stan that left him bloodied on the ground.

Except it wasn’t much of a tussle. The tabloid reports Nigg jumped Fogle in the rec yard, and once he pushed him to the ground, it was all over. Nigg wailed on Fogle’s head, leaving him with neck scratches, a swollen face and bloody nose. We wonder if a footlong turkey sandwich can cure this…

What was Nigg’s beef, anyway? He apparently has it out for child molesters and is annoyed they typically get to stay in the low-security facilities. (Ironically, Nigg was placed in solitary confinement for using Fogle’s face as a punching bag.)

This isn’t the first Fogle prison horror story to come out. Earlier this month, The New York Daily News reported Fogle–who famously lost 245 pounds–has gained 30 pounds in prison thanks to an insatiable appetite for Honey Buns. Those damn Honey Buns!

What can we say? Karma.