Here’s Everything Your Zodiac Sign Can Look Forward to This Spring

Mars is going retrograde, y'all.

Spring is upon us and the stars are telling quite the story.

Whether you’re a ball-busting Aries, a self-reflective Pisces or a perfection-seeking Virgo, this new season has plenty in store for you! NOTE: Mars is going retrograde, which basically means a sh-t show is in the works. Get some sleep before the witching hour begins.

Find out what your spring 2016 horoscope has in store for you below.

  • Aries

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    Get ready, dear Aries, for your ruler Mars is in retrograde from April 17 to June 29. You may find that your energy level is so low during this time that it’s hard to start new projects. Try not to let your frustrations get the best of you, as it’s only temporary. Mars is in your intimacy sector until June, meaning you and your S.O. will be spending plenttyy of time together—and it might drive you a little crazy. Try your best to be patient, Aries, and remember to stay grounded. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you when the full moon comes around on April 22.

  • Taurus

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    You’re feeling creative AF lately, aren’t you, Taurus? It’s as if your imagination has been given new life! Take advantage of this now, as this feeling will likely only last until September. You’ve been putting yourself out there romantically and—lucky you!—have been making quite the impression. Mars in your intimacy sector ’til June causes you to reevaluate your personal relationships—romantic or otherwise. Maybe an old flame will come back into your life or perhaps you and your S.O. will go back to basics. Any issues regarding partnerships and finances will all be resolved this summer.

  • Gemini

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    You’re growing into a solid, more mature person, dear Gemini! But first, you must experience some growing pains. Family and home life will rejuvenate you this season. You’ll really appreciate this when your career and finances start requiring more of your attention. At the office, take on one task at a time so as to avoid any frustrations. You might be having some difficulty with a personal relationship right now. Be patient, as everything will be sorted out this fall.

  • Cancer

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    You will be acquiring new skills in the coming months, dear Cancer, one of which will be the art of being detail-oriented. You have Jupiter in your solar third house to thank for this. Perhaps you’re feeling insecure about your career lately. Just know that what you’re doing now will pay off later! March and May will be especially stressful months for you. Channel this energy into positive outlets that help you find balance in your life. Mars in your intimacy sector turns up the heat on your love life, but leads you to have second thoughts come summertime. As always, use your best judgment.

  • Leo

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    Home and family life are your main focus this spring, dear Leo, and you might find that they are both a little chaotic at the moment! It may be that your house is noisy, your family members are arguing or you’re making home improvements. When these things begin to weigh on you, focus your energy on the foundation that matters most: you! You have the luxury of just enjoying your life from now until September. Take comfort in this time, be present and take note of life’s simple pleasures.

  • Virgo

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    This spring will present you with opportunities to improve upon your communication skills, dear Virgo. The first six months of 2016 are all about how you express yourself—verbally and creatively. Obstacles are turning into opportunities. Seize them! With Jupiter in your sign until the fall, you are finding more and more things to love about yourself and life in general. Revel in this time and use your resources wisely. April and May are key months for finance and intimacy.

  • Libra

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    The most important spring cleaning you can do this season, dear Libra, is in your head! Jupiter in your spiritual house allows you to forgive and ask for forgiveness where it’s needed. May 10 to September 9 is a wonderful period for you to reprioritize and let go of negative energy. Use this time to focus on personal growth. March to June is idea for resolving conflicts with family members. Mars in retrograde from April 17 to June 29 causes you to rethink old decisions. Always listen to your heart, especially when dealing with love matters from now until June.

  • Scorpio

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    Spring is an exciting time for your social and creative worlds, dear Scorpio! Mars in your sign from May 27 to August 2 puts more pep in your step, but when Mars goes retrograde from April 17 to June 29, you might feel like you’re wasting time and energy. This can be frustrating, but be patient. May 27 is the beginning of a period of reorganization. This will allow you to find clarity and will boost your confidence for the summer.

  • Sagittarius

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    Get ready for new prospects in business and love, dear Sagittarius! Have you been pursuing a new job? Making improvements at work? March is an especially good month for your career. Mars in retrograde from April 17 to June 29 will cause you to get frustrated easily and as a result, you might build up feelings of anger and resentment. Be patient and channel these feelings in a positive way. The trajectory of your love life has been something like a roller coaster lately. Be on the lookout for romantic prospects from March 5 to April 16.

  • Capricorn

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    This season is all about staying positive, dear Capricorn! It’s time for you to put your best foot forward. With Jupiter’s influence on your sense of spirit until September 9, you’re finding it easier to be more optimistic. Pursue opportunities that allow you to learn and grow this spring. You might meet new people who teach you to be more open-minded. May 27 to June 29 is a troublesome time for your inner circle. The full moon on May 21 will bring into focus any health-related or emotional issues that have been holding you back.

  • Aquarius

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    Love is on your mind, dear Aquarius! This will likely be the case until September, with Jupiter giving your intimacy sector a total makeover. Focus on your needs and desires from now until September 9—and perhaps those of a friend or partner, too. This is a time for you to identify problem areas in your life and solve them! Mars in Scorpio from May 27 to August 2 will bring about change in your career, but overall, not much is new. There’s more to look forward to this summer, as you start putting more energy into attaining your dreams.

  • Pisces

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    Your main focus right now is on relationships, dear Pisces, and that’s just fine! You’re likely to form a partnership with a new person in the coming months. Perhaps he/she is someone you met via a mutual friend, someone you work with or someone you know from travel. Relationships are essential for you, as they help boost your confidence and are helpful to your career. Think of creative ways to do business this spring. You derive your sense of worth during this season mainly from your career and personal relationships.

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