Amber Rose Frees Her Nipple for Equality in Glamorous New Photo (NSFW)

It's *not* a selfie.

Amber Rose is gearing up to host her 2016 Slut Walk and she’s raising awareness for it in an extraordinary way.

Rose took to Twitter this morning to post a beautifully stylized photo of herself. The picture shows Rose donning sparkly stud earrings and a white fur jacket that’s open just enough to show her right nipple. View Rose’s NSFW professional photo below.

Rose tagged the photo, taken by photographer Solmaz Saberi, with #freethenipple and #AmberRoseSlutWalk2016. For those who aren’t familiar, Free the Nipple is a movement that advocates for the permissiveness of women going topless and against social media censorship of exposed breasts. Miley Cyrus is one of the many celebrities, including Rose, who support the Free the Nipple campaign.

Rose’s picture comes one week after Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie that nearly broke the Internet. Kardashian’s selfie garnered support from Rose herself, along with many other celebrities.

Rose is serving all kinds of #BodyGoals2016 with this new photo, is she not? Muva came through and conquered once again.

Is it empowering when celebrities post revealing photos on the Internet? Well, it definitely can be. Find out more in the clip below.

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