50 Cent’s Latest Television Project Involves Magic, You Guys


50 Cent is already killing the television game as executive producer of the hit Starz series Power. However, the rapper will widen his small screen footprint with a new project. However, this one is a little…weird.

Are you ready for this? 50 (a.k.a Curtis Jackson) is teaming up with A&E to create a variety series, aptly titled 50 Cent Presents. Yes, a variety series.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story this morning. A&E and the “Candy Shop” rapper are looking to “reinvent” the variety genre by creating an In Living Color-esque show that will combine, “sketches, stand-up, reality experiments, music, magic, dance and celebrity guest appearances.” We’re not sure what “reality experiments” mean exactly, but we’re intrigued by this show.

But our intrigue doesn’t excuse the fact this is really bizarre. 50 Cent and a variety show? We’d never peg the sexy Mr. Jackson as someone with a penchant for song-and-dance and candy-striped suits. (Because that’s what “variety shows” mean to us.)

“I grew up watching variety shows and am excited to put my own spin on the format,” 50 said. “I hope everyone is ready to bring their talent forward. I want to show the world the best of the best.” Who knew the man was such a stan?

We’ll definitely be tuning in, especially if “magic” is involved. Does this make 50 Cent some kind of witch? Probably.