You’ll Pee Your Pants Laughing at These Hilarious Couples on the Internet


Most couples on the Internet are annoying. They’re always smiling, at a beach or working out for fun (???). However, in between the perky duos with toned abs and pearly whites are couples that are actual #RelationshipGoals. Why? They’re funny as hell.

These eight couples–comprised of celebrities and non-celebs–represent the funniest the Web has to offer. Some are experts in sarcasm while others have a catalog of pee-inducing Vines to their names. We guarantee these couples won’t make you boil with anger. Quite the opposite, actually. You’ll want to hug them all.

  • The “So Much Fun” Couple

    Do you ever look at couples having a blast at exotic places and gag a little? The “So Much Fun” couple (apparently) did, so they flipped the script and started making fun of them. These two icons have a collection of angry selfies at fun locations with the caption, “So much fun at [insert place].” Their sardonic wit is lethal, my friends. You’ll be on the floor shortly.

  • Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

    When Levine isn’t being a total goof solo, they’re in it together, and it’s incredible. The roller-coaster shot? We can’t.

  • It’s Destiny and Her Boyfriend

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    For It’s Destiny, annoying her boyfriend is a sport. And she is a champ at it. When she’s not changing her boyfriend’s computer background to hunky men (see above), she’s bugging him when he is playing video games and shining light on his sleeping face. She is all of us on a bored Saturday with bae, let’s be honest.