The Important Kinda March Madness Bracket: Who’s the Hottest NBA Player on the Court?

Cast your vote in VH1's week-long competition to award the sexiest NBA babe now!

What is March Madness even? Here at VH1 headquarters, it’s the time of year when we firmly take a stand about which NBA players get our heart rates to rise. We are less worried about actual game play and more concerned about the men themselves.

Whether it’s their height, their flawless grills, or their winning personalities off the court, we’ve gathered our favorite players to face off in a March Madness-style bracket for the week. (Spare me. We are VH1. We didn’t study bracketolgoy in school.)

How it works? Check the dudes we selected alphabetically, read about why they’re the best, then cast your vote for your favorite. The top selected men in the poll will advance. Show up tomorrow to see if your babe made it through and so on. The ultimate man crush will be crowned supreme on Friday, March 25th at 11am EST. Happy voting!

Kevin Love is your winner!

The numbers don’t lie. It was always a close call between Kevin and Stephen Curry but the proof is in the NBA pudding.