Justin Bieber is in His “Feels” and Posts Throwback Photo of Him Kissing Selena Gomez

The Bieber/Gomez saga continues.

Justin Bieber just melted the hearts of all 62 million of his Instagram followers Saturday night when he posted an unexpected photo of his ex Selena Gomez. Captioned “feels,” the Biebs resurfaced a throwback image of the young couple kissing, which sent his fans into spasms of emotions themselves.

Even though Bieber and Gomez split up in 2014, the two have stay connected. They even shared an intimate “date night” at a hotel bar in November, which Bieber sang to her. Now it seems Justin is reminiscing of the good ol’ days. Due to all this back and forth, the two need to just get back together. It’s obvious the Beliebers want it, its clear that Justin misses it, but does Selena? She hasn’t yet responded to the photo, but its only a matter of time.

UPDATE, MARCH 21 AT 1:54 P.M.: Several fans captured Gomez’s response to Bieber’s throwback pic. “Perfect,” she allegedly wrote, Us Weekly reports. There is a photo of the comment on Daily Mail’s website. We wonder what it means!