Rob Kardashian’s Birthday Dinner Included One Surprising Guest (and Suspicious Absence)

We need answers!

Something peculiar happened at Rob Kardashian’s 29th birthday dinner this past Saturday (March 19).

No, it wasn’t the fact North West looked like an IRL leprechaun or this boys hand photo was low-key shade at the birthday boy. (Um, where was his watch?) No, what’s weird about the party–a St. Patrick’s Day-themed dinner at Malibu’s Nobu restaurant–was who attended. And who did not.

The usual suspects showed up and showed out across social media: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian; Kris, Kylie and Kendall Jenner; and Corey Gamble, Scott Disick and his children Mason and Penelope. Khloe Kardashian was sick, which explains her absence, and R’s dad Caitlyn Jenner also wasn’t there, according to People. Again, even that’s not the strange part.

This is: Tyga was part of the festivities, but Sir R’s first lady Blac Chyna was left out. Whaaat?


Yup. It’s true. We know Tyga is dating 18-year-old KyKy, but this is still strange. Tyga is Chyna’s ex, so it feels awkward Robby boy would want him at his intimate b-day bash. What did these two even talk about? Who takes the best selfie with Chyna? Something more X-rated than that? Get your minds out of the gutter people!

Chyna’s absence is still a mystery. Several outlets report the former model had an event that evening, which explains why she was M.I.A. Others claim she wasn’t invited, but we’re sure the actual reason isn’t so sinister. After all, Chyna is whipping Mr. Kardashian into shape after his 100-pound weight gain and type 2 diabetes diagnosis last year. She is a good influence on him.

Whatever the case, fantasies of Rob-Tyga small talk will keep us occupied all day. Let’s hope waist trainers were involved.