Amina Just Posted Belly Pics Of Her Own And Explained Her Latest Pregnancy News

"I Got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love."

Did all your jaws just drop on the floor after hearing Amina announce that she’s pregnant with Peter’s tenth child? Well, while you were busy picking them up, Amina was busy writing an explanation on Instagram as to why she chose to get pregnant again by Peter Gunz (not that she needs to explain herself but…go ahead, girl).

There is one reason and one reason only why I got pregnant again. Actually there is no “I” in this, its “WE”! But since i am the one carrying: “I Got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love.” Now y’all can debate on why we did it until ya hair turns grey.. I feel good knowing that WE know and you just ’think’ you know… A baby does not keep a man and being spiteful does not make you a winner! This is not a game. This is my life. But No matter what the circumstances were and are, I now feel happy to be expecting again and even happier to know I have the best baby daddy I could ask for. @petergunz174 I love you 4ever and I will never be scared to show or say it because of people. #babyBX ?