Tara Wallace’s Response To Last Night’s Love and Hip Hop Reunion Was The Definition of #Unbothered

Tara used a picture of baby Gunner to show how she feels about Amina's baby news.

Anyone who watched the Love & Hip Hop reunion last night knows the absolute insanity that went down in the last minute when Amina revealed that she’s pregnant by Peter Gunz again. But we were wondering what Tara Wallace, who was nine months pregnant at the time of filming, was thinking. And she let us know on Instagram with a couple of slightly shady but completely unbothered posts.
“This is such a true song and I am no different… #UPSandDOWNS! The situation entered my life with complexities. I did not go looking for it nor have I been anything but nicer than I should have been. Music speaks to the soul! Thanks @robinandre #TrueArtist #Support #Love #NYC #RobinAndre #UpsAndDowns”
“#Gunner watching the reunion like?”

Is Tara being shady, or reacting accordingly?