These Literal Babies at Seoul Fashion Week Will Slay You With Their Style

Next-level cuteness.

If you thought you’d never take style cues from a baby, think again.

Seoul Fashion Week kicked off yesterday and babies are already slaying everyone. Oh, you thought you looked cute in your jersey and sneaks? Ha! You’re about to be style-shamed by someone who’s still learning to form complete thoughts.

This is a real thing, people. Babies are fleekin’ in the streets and they cannot, will not be stopped. Peep some of the most fashionable toddlers at SFW here.

  • Look at these Hypebaes.

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    When you and bestie look fly AF.

  • These little ones are straight beastin’.

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    Probably carrying around toys. Or new outfits. Either or.

  • This total babe is hitting the pose like BAM.

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    She is perfection.

  • These babies can’t stop twinning.

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    Toy cars are a must-have this spring.

  • Check this denim-clad toddler train.

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    How long do you think the baby in the front waited in line for those sneaks?

  • These sports fanatics are tew much.

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    They better.

  • This kid has a ridiculously cool hat.

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    Where does one find a crown-hat like this, dear child?

  • Just look at this girl’s shoes.

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    Want. Need.

  • These two are so Vogue-ready, you’re gonna scream.

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1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.