Adele Twerked During Her London Concert, and It Was Incredible

Hello there.

Adele is music’s undisputed queen right now, and we all know why. Her album 25 sold a zillion copies. The song’s lead single “Hello” broke a zillion records. She has a zillion Grammys and an Oscar. She is currently performing for zillions of people on tour. It is these cold hard truths that make Adele superior to any and all faves (mine included).

But the British goddess just gave another unexpected piece of evidence to confirm her supreme status (as if it needed confirming). During her March 19 concert at London’s O2 Arena, Adele twerked for the sold-out crowd. Yes, you read that accurately. Twerked. It was incredible.

And nobody saw it coming. One second, Adele was singing Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” in a sparkly black dress. The next, she’s bent over, shaking her bum, getting her life–and giving us ours.

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