Selena Gomez Dancing on a Bar Table to Rihanna’s “Work” Is All of Us on a Friday Night

Shut up, haters! This is good for you.

Selena Gomez is me as hell. She is you as hell. She is us as hell.

We already knew this, given Gomez’s penchant for McDonald’s and iced coffee. But now we really, really know it. How? Because SelGo did literally what you did Friday night: drank tequila (allegedly) and danced on a bar to Rihanna’s “Work” (well, according to TMZ). In other words, your girl got turnt.

The online tabloid claims Gomez enjoyed some alcoholic libations and worked it out at a Texas bar over the weekend. The “Hands to Myself” diva visited her home state to celebrate her cousin Priscilla DeLeon’s engagement, the Huffington Post reports.

And it looks like they had a blast. We can’t confirm the tequila detail, but we can definitely confirm the bar dancing. Instagram is flooded with videos of Lady Gomez doing her best Coyote Ugly impression to RiRi’s hit single. And we’re living.
Before the moral police nails Gomez to a cross, remember she is 23 years old. Gomez is a grown-ass young woman and can enjoy a drink and Rihanna jams if she wants. She’s doing exactly what 23-year-olds across the country are doing, and probably way tamer. My friend puked on me on the train once. Perspective, people.

What is Gomez’s favorite song in her back catalog? Find out in the video below.