Video Shows Katt Williams Getting Choked Out By an Alleged Teenager


Katt Williams is having a rough month.

The comedian got stomped out at a Beanie Sigel concert a few weeks ago. Now, video footage showing Williams punching an alleged teenager has emerged—and it takes a bizarre turn.

The following video, via The Shade Room, shows Williams, 42, throwing a punch at a young man. It’s unclear how old the young man is—some are reporting he’s a seventh grader, others are saying he’s a teenager.

The rest of the fight is documented by this video, which shows Williams getting put into a headlock by the young man.

It’s uncertain what exactly prompted the fight. We will include more details as they emerge.

People have already taken to Twitter to voice their reactions to the footage above. Find out what some are saying here.

UPDATE: 3/24 9:30 A.M.
Someone uploaded the full version of the fight here. Things actually get more bizarre.

UPDATE: 3/23 12:20 P.M.

Hazel-E took to Instagram earlier today to post about ex-boyfriend Williams’ latest antics.
Hazel-E’s caption reads as follows: “Before it went down a concerned fan reached out to me…this is how these events happen…they always start like this…. Google paranoid bipolar schizophrenia… & his name & then we can start to save this man so many of us love, I can’t be mad at him, if it’s not him who acts this way … You under-dig me. But once again it was never about ride or die, the raid was not the first day I coulda died, that was the last day I decided to put my life on the line.”

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star confirmed last week that she and Williams were “on a break” and revealed that Williams is “in a lot of trouble.” Hazel-E also claimed that she was arrested at Williams’ apartment after it was raided. Read more about that here.

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