David Letterman Is So Unrecognizable in These New Pictures, It’s Crazy

Is this even him?

Late night television hasn’t been the same since David Letterman left his Late Show post last May. The funny man is currently enjoying a well-deserved retirement out of the spotlight. However, that doesn’t mean pictures of him don’t pop up every now and then. Paparazzi caught Letterman jogging on the beach in St. Bart’s on Tuesday (March 22) and he looked…different.

Smiling for the cameras, Letterman appeared bald with a tremendously bushy beard. Bereft of his signature glasses and cleanly-shaven face, Letterman is literally unrecognizable. If it wasn’t for the caption, we wouldn’t know it was him. See for yourself below:

We’re not trolls. This has nothing to do with Letterman aging or “letting himself go.” The man was on television for 30+ years; he has the right to do (or not do) whatever he wants. Buuut that doesn’t negate the fact his Santa chic beard makes him look like the Witness Protection Program’s newest member. Seriously, who is he hiding from? Oprah (still)?

Of course, Twitter members’ fangs are out, and we’re not here for it:

We think the beard works for Letterman. And if he’s happy with it, who are we to judge? It’s just a little jarring when newly-grown facial hair makes one look like a different human altogether. Witchcraft. Pure witchcraft.