Watch Nick Jonas and Tove Lo’s Clothes Magically Melt off Their Bodies in This Hot New Video

It's clear these two aren't afraid to get "Close."

Nick Jonas and Tove Lo just might be the hottest couple that isn’t right now.

Jonas tapped Tove Lo for “Close,” as well as the song’s accompanying video. Set in what looks like an empty warehouse, the video shows Jonas and Tove Lo seated on two separate chairs that mysteriously move back and forth. As the chairs’ movements become more intense, Jonas and Tove Lo’s clothes begin to magically disappear, eventually leaving them in nothing but Yeezy-inspired undergarments.

As the song goes, “space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close,” and as evidenced by a half-naked Jonas crawling over Tove Lo’s semi-naked body (and that crazy sexy makeout scene), these two aren’t afraid to get close at all. Space actually doesn’t exist when two extremely attractive people come together and take their clothes off. Apparently.

Watch Nick Jonas and Tove Lo’s sultry collaboration below.

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