You Need to See What Kylie Jenner Looks Like with a Pixie Cut

Can she rock mama Kris' signature locks?

Kylie Jenner is a beauty maverick in her own right. Not only does she own a lip kit brand that sells like hotcakes, she also experiments with her luscious locks on the regular. One day, she has her standard black hair. The next, it’s ice blue. A few days later, she is green. Then pink. Then blonde (her current motif). Sense a pattern here? Jenner’s hair is basically a Baskin Robbins personified.

One look the lip scholar hasn’t tried, though? A pixie cut, A.K.A. mama Kris Jenner’s bread and butter. “I’ve always wanted to try a pixie cut — like I’ve always wanted to try super short, because I’ve been to my chin before, but that’s the shortest I’ve gone,” Jenner told People. It’s true. The 18-year-old selfie queen has rocked a bob (see below), but she hasn’t braved the clippers long enough to go full-on Selma Blair. But maybe People’s latest move will push her into the salon chair.

The sleuths over at the magazine Photoshopped KyKy’s face and Mama K’s signature pixie together. The result? What Kylie Jenner would look like if she rocked the dramatic ’do, and it is fire AF.

We can’t include the image here–we don’t want to jack People’s s–t!–but click here to see what the youngest Kardashian looks like with “The Kris.” Report back with your thoughts!