A Quick Tutorial on How To “Dame Dash” Any Situation

"You're only the boss if you put up your own money."

As audiences have seen from his appearance on Family Therapy With Dr.Jenn, Damon Dash comes off a tad bit arrogant in dealing with his brothers Jeremy and Bobby. If you even remotely followed Dame’s illustrious career, it’s not a shocker that he never had an issue speaking how he feels, no matter how it comes off. The man has a reputation in the real world and on social media for being brash, candid, and no-holds-barred. For the uninitiated, allow us to give you a few real life moments when Dame (hilariously) well, “Dame Dashed” a situation.

  1. If Someone Tries To Violate Your Food With Their Crusty Feet, Calmly Check Them, Dame Dash-Style

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    But next to the Frosted Flakes though, ma?

  2. When Someone Asks You Why You No Longer Hang With So & So, Just Explain It’s Business, Nothing Personal

    If you don’t have big dollars, what you’re saying makes no “cents”.

  3. Here’s How You Humble A Friend Who Always Brags About Being A Boss

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    Sorry sweetie, but who signs your paychecks? Oh.

Now that’s how you “Dame Dash” a situation! Whether you hate it or you love it, you have to respect a man who keeps it 100. Continue to follow Dame’s journey on repairing his relationship with his brothers on Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn, Wednesdays at 8/7c!

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