Masika Kalysha Writes an Adorable “Eviction Notice” for Her and Fetty Wap’s Baby

"You are the joy I've dreamed about my whole life."

Masika Kalysha’s first child with rapper Fetty Wap is due in April and the expectant mom just posted an “eviction notice” for her future daughter. At times, it’s seemingly been a dramatic pregnancy for the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star so it’s great to see her in such a positive place.

Masika wrote,

I’ve traveled the world. I’ve taken the last train to Paris. I jumped out of a plane. I slept in my car. I moved into a house in the hills. I’ve have a negative bank balance or two. [sic] I’ve made six figures over and over again. I’ve waited tables. I’ve shared meals with kings. I fell in love twice that I know of. I’ve broken a few hearts. I’ve been foolish, frivolous, careless, heartless, selfish, stupid…I’ve been great, powerful, resilient, invincable, dynamic…In all I’ve done…I’ve done all alone…But now…Now that I have you my life truly begins. You are the joy I’ve dreamed about my whole life and I can not wait to everything new with you. #kbm

The reality star continued,

The second I found out I was having you… My entire world changed. These past 9 months I’ve been so blessed to protect you as you grow and get ready to enter this world. It’s a cold world baby girl. But mommy and daddy will always keep you warm. I still can’t believe the miracle that occurs to create a life. But this my love is your official eviction notice. It’s time to give momma back her belly. I can’t wait to hold you… Any day now… #KBM

Adorable! Could Masika be hinting at her baby’s name with the hashtag #KBM? Fetty’s birth name is Willie Maxwell II which would certainly explain the M in KBM. What do you think of Masika’s “eviction notice?”