Watch Nicki Minaj Confiscate Her Security Guard’s Phone Like a Total Boss

Pray for this man, that he might have a phone upgrade available.

Nicki Minaj don’t want none unless you put your darn phone away. Naturally.

Minaj was performing “Feeling Myself” at a concert in Dubai this weekend when she realized there was one particular person she wasn’t feeling at that moment. That person was her security guard, who was apparently on his phone, a.k.a. not guarding Minaj’s security. The rapper was having none of this, so she did what any self-respecting high school teacher would have done at the sight of a student texting in class: Confiscated that ish. And quick.

Minaj stopped what she was doing right in the middle of the song, briskly walked over to her security guard and put her hand out as if to say, “Give me that. Now.” The security guard handed over his phone without hesitation, as if to say, “Crap.” It was the sort of wordless exchange that happens when you’ve pissed your mom off for the umpteenth time and you know it’s your fault, so you just give in.

Minaj proceeded to throw the phone somewhere, probably into the abyss that is backstage. It’s unclear if the security guard will ever see that thing again. Pray for this man, that he might have a phone upgrade available. And props to Nicki for keeping everyone on their toes. Naturally.

Watch Minaj take away her security guard’s phone like a boss here, via The Shade Room.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.