Justin Bieber Fans Apparently Paid Thousands of Dollars to Pose With His Cardboard Cutout

Biebs has reached savage status.

Justin Bieber fans probably weren’t happy about this one.

Bieber announced last week that he was cancelling all of the future fan meet and greets on his Purpose World Tour, as they left him feeling “drained and unhappy.” This meant that VIP ticket holders who attended Bieber’s Las Vegas show over the weekend did not have the option of posing with real-life Justin Bieber at the show. Instead, they could pose with Biebs’ cardboard cutout.

NME reports that Bieber fans at the Vegas show weren’t able to get a refund for their (rougly) $2000 tickets “without also forfeiting their gig ticket.” It was Biebs’ way or the high way—apparently.

Biebs was supposedly going to surprise Selena Gomez after his Los Angeles show on Wednesday night of last week, according to E!, but he ended up cancelling that, too. A source told E! that the Biebs was planning to rent out the Staples Center after his show for a “repeat date night screening of Titanic” with Selena.

“I don’t know why he didn’t go through with it, and I also don’t know if he ever even told Selena about his plan, but I do know he is really obviously trying to date her again,” the source told E!. A second source told the publication that Biebs was “alluding to the fact that he wasn’t happy to be there” at his show, and at one point, he laid down on the stage “not singing, just letting the track run.” Biebs has officially reached savage status.

We can’t be sure what exactly is happening with Justin Bieber lately, but it sounds as though he’s attempting to preserve his spiritual energy. This means not wasting it on random fans who may or may not have gone into debt to meet him, as well as not watching Titanic with his ex because that movie is a process in itself.

Maybe Biebs will be back in tip-top shape after a few more naked butt pictures. Maybe.

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