Did Shaquille O’Neal Just Propose to His Girlfriend Through an Instagram Comment?


Is this a joke, Shaquille O’Neal?

The iconic basketball player is popping on the Web today for allegedly proposing to his girlfriend of two years Laticia Rolle via–wait for it–an Instagram comment. How…progressive?

The sleuths over at Bossip captured the entire social media exchange. Under one of Rolle’s Instagram posts, O’Neal reportedly wrote, “Will u marry me” to which she responded, “yes I will. Today, tomorrow and forever yours.” She included a heart emoji for good measure. You know, the Internet. Is this a hoax or nah? Here are the supposed screen grabs, courtesy of of Bossip:

BallerAlert reported these same shenanigans last night. Our guess? This was a way to make sure Shaq knew Rolle is down to walk down the aisle. The real proposal–which we hope includes Kazaam-style raining burgers–coming soon. Maybe. Fingers crossed.