Shirleen Discusses The Confrontation with Ashley Nicole And Why She Thinks Kirk Isn’t Cheating With Her

Ms. Shirleen has her own theories about Ashley Nicole...

In our opinion, Rasheeda Frost’s mother, Shirleen Harvell is the GOAT herself. After dragging Kirk’s dirtbikes under her minivan, we knew we were in love with her, and this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta gave her another platform to prove that she’s the mother of all BOSSES. We spoke to Shirleen about that showdown you might have seen at the auction to get her thoughts on Ashley Nicole (“Disrespectful!”) and whether she felt bad for Kirk after helping get rid of his belongings (“She should have sold everything she could think of!”). If you think Shirleen is a force on the show, we assure you talking to her IRL is even better.

What kind of role do you have this season?
Well, I mean I’m there to support Rasheeda. I’m her friend and her mother, but I am probably the only person that she really trusts to tell important stuff to. Getting advice and things like that. So I step in to help her with whatever she need anyway she want it, and that’s what I’m there for.

Can you walk me through what happened at the auction with Ashley Nicole? How did it escalate, and did you feel disrespected?
Well, yeah not just me, but it’s Rasheeda. Rasheeda was being disrespected by her. You know, I can’t remember verbatim what was said, but she was going off and she was just saying the wrong things. She was just being disrespectful! Whether it was to me or to Rasheeda, the things that she was saying was wrong. You can’t—like I said—you can’t get into it with your boss, and talk shit to your boss. And that’s basically what she was doing like, like it’s more to her and Kirk’s relationship than her just being an artist. There’s just some stuff that you just don’t discuss, period, and I think she was just getting out of line, so I was just trying to get her back in line.

So how do you feel about Ashley Nicole, because you didn’t seem all too happy to see her.
No, I wasn’t happy to see her because that was my first time seeing her, I know how Kirk is, just like he springs stuff on you. I don’t like him springing things on me, and me not knowing anything about it. Like that episode with him and the girl, the supposed nanny. Now, I’m not a nanny, I couldn’t be a part of this nanny. I’m his grandmother but I’m not a traditional grandmother but I can take care of that boy, just like they will, or they do, if not better. Okay? Now he sprung this nanny on us and Kirk got this thing about young people. Young folks, you know, somebody that “Look good.” Okay? So now here he come be-bopping up in the auction with this girl, thanks to Joc. He comes stepping up in there and then the things that she wanted to say to Rasheeda, I didn’t appreciate that. To me, she was getting out of her round. I mean, she’s working for Rasheeda and Kirk, I don’t care how you look at it. So you show respect to people that you work for. Just like [last week], how she wanna talk about where they live and talk about…I mean, like, what you got? And how can you talk about anything? I think she just stepped out of her boundary lines, I don’t like that.

Do you think there’s anything going on with them that there shouldn’t be or is she just taking advantage of the position that she has?
I think she’s just taking advantage of the position that she has because I saw her on Instagram one night with another woman. So, from my understanding from what people is saying is that she’s gay. Well, if she’s gay, she’s gay. So I’m not thinking anything is going on between her and Kirk. Kirk just wants to look and then he’s trying to — and I guess she’s good at what she does so I guess he’s trying to do what he needs to do as far as business is concerned. It seems like to me, it seems like he’s trying to make it more business than the other times that he’s done his little do.

Do you think trying to sell Kirk’s things was an overreaction?
Oh, no that wasn’t an overreaction (laughs). Take a look at Kirk. I mean like he just has — he has so much stuff. Okay? I mean, come on now. You can’t drive five or six cars, you can’t wear all the jewelry that he has and if you do you look like a fool, and a lot of that stuff he really don’t — he really don’t care a lot about that stuff. He just couldn’t. And I’ll tell you and you can believe this, Rasheeda knows if he do or if he don’t. She would know what would really matter, and I don’t think any of that stuff really matters as far as she was concerned and I know she had to know better. So, I’m going right along with her. Yes, she should have sold everything she could think of. Yeah, that was a good idea. She should have done that in order to get what she wanna get! He can do what he wanna do the way he do it, but I mean like uh-uh, it don’t work like that. Come on now, they’re partners. If he feels like he can go $100,000 over for what he does, then she can go over for what she do and that’s what she did. She got that jewelry out to sell it, so she can get what she needs.

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