Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Kirk Wants To Kick Rasheeda “In The Balls, But She Don’t Have ‘Em”

Rasheeda and Kirk's relationship is the definition of love-hate.

“Now, y’all know the auction would not be complete if I ain’t sell one of them bikes or four-wheelers! Come on, now. In true ’Kirk Frost loves his bikes’ tradition, I gotta hit him where it hurts!”

Rasheeda has NO remorse whatsoever for holding an auction of Kirk’s belongings, and in this week’s Check Yourself, she is still giddy with excitement over her vengeful plot against her husband. And Kirk is still angry as all get-out about it. “Look at the smile on her face. She thinks it’s a joke so she’s having her pleasures. But if I did this to her, I mean, she would f—ing lose her mind.”

When the conversation turns to Ashley Nicole though…Rasheeda calls Kirk’s client a “total f—ing dummy,” and Kirk still doesn’t see the problem.