Kim Kardashian and a Famous Model Pose Completely Topless, Flip the Bird in New Selfie

Breaking the Internet (again).

Kim Kardashian just broke the Internet for the third (fourth? 105th?) time, but this go-around includes a famous pal.

In a new Instagram post, Kardashian posed topless à la early March’s polarizing selfie alongside model Emily Ratajkowski. And by topless, we mean no shirt. No nothing. Only a strategically-placed black bar keeps the image from being NSFW. Kardashian and Ratajkowski paired their bare breasts with middle fingers, sending a clear message: F–ck you, slut-shaming trolls! (If you forgot, Kardashian received waves of unwarranted criticism for her nude selfie a few weeks ago.)
“When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata,” Kardashian captioned the empowering pic. Ratajkowski echoed Kardashian’s blank-you attitude in a series of tweets she posted when the photo went live.

We couldn’t agree more. No one should judge how women celebrate their bodies. Whether it’s through a nude photo or pregnant pole dancing, ladies shouldn’t feel ostracized for stripping down. Especially by men, because as Rachel Green once said:


Yup. Cheers to these queens. Everyone deserves to feel sexy.

What do you think about topless selfies? Empowering or thirsty? We break down the arguments in the video below.

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