The 20: Jason Derulo Says He’s “Dirty Derulo” 60 Percent of the Time

But he likes sweet talk, too.

Jason Derulo’s new album, Everything Is 4, dropped last week, and it’s already topping the Billboard charts.

This past weekend on The 20, host Shannon Coffey sat down with Jason to talk about his new LP, for which the singer linked up with big names such as Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez, and Meghan Trainor. Find out more about his experiences working with each in the clip.

Jason’s hit “Talk Dirty” had us wondering whether or not he likes sweet talk, too. So, Shannon asked Jason, who revealed his “Dirty Derulo” side.

Shannon Coffey’s “cousin” Teresa is a pop culture junkie. Watch her explain pop culture’s latest trends in the clip.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.