Rasheeda’s Mom Shirleen Sets The Record Straight About Kirk

And which other Love & Hip Hop guy would be perfect for Rasheeda.

When we spoke to Shirleen Harvell, better known as Rasheeda’s mom, about this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atalanta the hot topic was of course, Ashley Nicole. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have time to ask her about how she really feels about Kirk.

In season two, Rasheeda mentioned that you and he used to be really close before he cheated. Can you talk about the relationship you had, and how that changed when he cheated on Rasheeda?
Well, beforehand I mean, it was new. New son-in-law and even when he and Rasheeda were going together, I still didn’t try to tell her what to do and what not to do with Kirk, and Kirk had his own little things that he does, typical young guy. I still tried not to butt into their business to the point where I was really really rude to Kirk, I always tried to treat him like a son. Just like Rasheeda is my daughter, I treated him like he was my son. He liked that, and once he got used to me he saw that I was what he called “cool.”

And then once he started doing the things that he was doing and hurting Rasheeda like he was hurting her, then I had to step in because she had asked me to. Now, if she hadn’t asked me to, I wouldn’t have done it. I still would have given her advice, but it got the point where I needed to step in and kind of take control to let him understand that you can’t just do anything to people and not suffer the consequences. So that’s why we kind of went through the changes that me and him went through. Of course I still love him, but I will hit him upside the head if I really really have to. Sometimes you just have to knock some sense into people’s heads especially when they go too far. He just dumb enough, my goodness gracious. You know?

Present-day: How is your relationship with Kirk?
My relationship with Kirk? My relationship with Kirk is always good, you know it’s just…he is the only son-in-law that I have. I have to stand my ground. He’s fine just as long as he respects me and he talks to me the way I feel that he should, we get along fine. But it’s always, oh Kirk, you’ll never know what you’re talking about or something like that too because I will let him know what I feel is right and what’s wrong. He always thinks that he knows more than me, but I try to tell him, you don’t know more than me. He can’t know more than me. He thinks that the things that he’s done in life is something that I don’t know anything about! I just can’t get with that because there’s nothing new on up in the sun, I don’t care how you look at it. So I have explain that to him. ‘You ain’t doing nothing that I don’t already know all about.’ That’s what’s going on with me and him.

Do you think Kirk can be trusted or do you believe once a cheater always a cheater?
Well I think once a cheater always a cheater, but you know that can’t be in every case. Now I think that Kirk can be trusted, I think he can. I hope he can, I mean like I still have that feeling about him and hopefully its true and it’ll be true.

Do you think you’ll ever top running over Kirk’s dirt bike?
I probably can, I don’t know what it’ll be, but I probably can. I would love to top that if I had to. I don’t want to have to do that, but I will if I have to.

That is still a lot of people’s favorite moment from LHH ever.
You think I don’t know that? I mean I deal that every day. I can’t go anywhere. I still can’t go anywhere without people stopping me. I mean that’s every day. I could put on a hat and glasses and they still know who I am.

Isn’t that kind of cool because you’re a bad ass?
(Laughs) I don’t look at it being cool and being a bad ass, now. I just look at it as cool that everybody knows who I am in that aspect. Not…I don’t wanna be a “bad ass.” I just be who I am. People be thinking I’m a bad ass, but I don’t be thinking that so I don’t know what going on. Somebody was just talking about it to me a few minutes ago talking about ‘You did that, you know you did that,’ and I was like ‘For real, was it really all that?’ and they was like ‘Yes.’ You’d be surprised at the things that people say to me, and nobody’s ever said anything negative to me, everybody always talking—even men!

Did Kirk ever buy you new glasses?
Yeah, he bought me new glasses, but I didn’t buy him a new motorcycle.

He deserved it, you didn’t.
You’re right about that, because he broke my glasses for no reason.

You handled it well though.
Yeah, because I had another pair in the car. I always keep a pair of glasses in the car. I have to, because I might walk out of the house and forget them. So I always have to have a backup. If I hadn’t had a backup I probably would have really clowned on him.

Do you see Kirk often?
No, I haven’t seen them in a few weeks. I’m overdue for visiting though, because I have to see my baby [Karter], and now he FaceTimes me every day. He FaceTimes me maybe seven times a day and he just Facetime me and hangup. Sometimes he Facetimes me and I can’t see nothing but his forehead.

Does Kirk still give you a problem when you try to kiss him?
Well you know what? Yeah, he still wants to talk about that but I don’t care nothing about that, because I’m gonna do what I wanna do in front of him and behind his back too. I’m gonna kiss that baby and I don’t care what he say. And I’m gonna kiss him in his mouth too.

If you had to pick another LHH guy to be with Rasheeda, who would you pick? Stevie J, Benzino, Scrappy, Joc?
Do I have to pick one?

You have to.
Oh my God. The only person that I really really like that I just think is too cute, is Joc (laughs). But I’m mad at Joc. I didn’t like that—I didn’t like chocolate on them toes — I didn’t like that. I didn’t like that.

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