These Hilarious Celebrity Pranks Will Give You All the April Fools’ Day Vibes


It’s April Fools’ Day, and you know what that means: Prepare yourself for the pranks. Yes, every April 1, people magically turn into clowns and spend all day putting Whoopie cushions in chairs and scaring the s–t out of their friends. It’s a holiday that brings out the kid–and fear–in all of us.

And celebrities love it, too. Many A-listers have either pulled pranks or been the victim of one, and most were caught on camera. Which is great for us, because we can relive their embarrassment months, years and decades later. Isn’t the Internet fab?

These 13 pranks are particularly majestical. From fake fires to freaky costumes and stair tumbles, these bits run the gamut of hilarity. And insanity.

  • The time a dude dressed as Taylor Swift, popped out and scared the s–t out of Selena Gomez on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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    Did this cause bad blood or nah?

  • When Rihanna broke into Jimmy Kimmel’s house, woke him up by blasting “Bitch Better Have My Money” and waved lights in his face.

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    “It seemed like a UFO had landed,” Kimmel said after waking up. Nah, dude. It was just RiRi getting that promo.

  • The time Hugh Jackman was Punk’d into thinking he burned Brett Ratner’s house down.

    The Greatest

    His face=priceless.

  • When Channing Tatum dressed up as a boring marketing executive and interviewed fans about Magic Mike XXL.

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    Then he ripped off his costume and twerked on an unsuspecting lady, igniting every libido in the room.

  • The time Adele did everything Ellen DeGeneres told her to at a Jamba Juice and freaked out the employees.

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    Including chew on raw wheatgrass and empty a purse full of knives and Twizzlers.

  • When Katie Couric made James Corden think she tumbled down his staircase on The Late Late Show.

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    But it was just her stunt double. He had a heart attack.

  • The time Amy Schumer texted Couric’s husband–from Couric’s cell phone–and told him she wanted to have anal sex.

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    They were all at a party together. Shortly after Schumer sent the text, Couric and her hubby bounced.

  • The time Ashton Kutcher Punk’d Kim Kardashian into thinking Scott Disick was going to get arrested.

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    And she was oddly calm the entire time…

  • When Miley Cyrus thought she was Punk’ing Justin Bieber, but he was actually doing it to her.

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    The switcheroo.

  • The time Matt Lauer filled DeGeneres’ car with 20,000 literal ping pong balls.

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    Hey, this prank took balls.

  • The time One Direction thought they had to deliver a producer’s baby on the floor.

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    Harry Styles was the most freaked.

  • When Adele dressed up as an Adele impersonator and auditioned with other impersonators.

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  • The time Swift fell on the floor because DeGeneres scared her so hard.

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    Nothing feels better than revenge, Swift. The ball is in your court.