Beyonce’s New Ivy Park Video Is Dramatic as Hell, But You’ll Love It Anyway

Brace yourselves, Beyloveds.

Flashing images, music remixes, bare bellies. We’re not talking about an EDM concert. We’re taking about Beyonce’s new Ivy Park website.

After a confusing (and overhyped) countdown on ELLE Magazine’s Instagram account, Beyonce has debuted the first video in support of her Ivy Park fashion line. ELLE posted the video in an article entitled “OMG Beyoncé’s Fashion Line Is HEEEEEEEREEEEEE,” which is really just a reaction—and a totally appropriate one at that.

The Ivy Park video, below, shows Our Queen sporting various sporty looks from the athleisure line—sports bras, leggings, shorts, swimsuits(?)—while dramatically talking about her relationship with running and “that park,” the one Bey goes back to from time to time, either physically or mentally, to “conquer those things” that she’s afraid of.

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