Rihanna Drops New Music Video Starring Her Nipple Rings (NSFW)


The video for Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” is here and it’s, well, it’s really something.

RiRi teased 30 seconds of the new ANTI video yesterday and today, the whole thing is here. The beginning of the video shows Ri laying down with what looks like nothing but underwear on as something resembling a bed sheet blows over top of her body. Dice randomly appear on her area, um, down there.

The rest of the video, shot entirely in black and white, is essentially Rihanna feeling herself up in various outfits. She looks gorgeous, as to be expected, and though she’s the only one in the entire video, the real star(s) is/are her nipple rings.

Yes. Ri’s pierced nips steal the whole darn show. They, like her, are fabulous. See for yourself in the NSFW “Kiss It Better” visuals here.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.