Taylor Swift Returns to Her Rapping Roots in New Apple Music Ad

Jumpman jumpman jumpman TSwift's up to somethin'.

You’re not ready for this.

Pennsylvania’s very own Taylor Swift is the star of Apple Music’s latest video advertisement. In the ad, TSwift gears up for a workout on the treadmill—a particularly interesting choice of exercise, as she notes that she “hates cardio”—and uses Apple Music to find the perfect playlist. The songstress selects a playlist titled #GYMFLOW and presses play on the first song: Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.”

As she is apt to do, TSwift proceeds to vigorously rap the song, giving so much of herself to it that she literally falls off of the treadmill. But even after her body is flat on the ground, she continues to rap.

It’s Taylor vs. Treadmill in Apple Music’s latest ad. Perhaps the next one will be Drake singing “Style.” Just a thought.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.