Gladys Knight and VH1 Save The Music Did Something Incredible to the Empire State Building Yesterday


Gladys Knight and VH1 Save the Music lit up the Empire State Building on Thursday (March 31) in honor of–what else?–music.

Well, it was Knight and Save the Music’s Executive Director Henry Donahue, to be exact. The two flipped the iconic Empire switch to make the building shine blue and yellow in honor of the end of Music in Our Schools Month (March). The National Association for Music Education started this month-long celebration to promote the benefits of teaching music in schools. And what better way to go out with a bang than light the darn Empire State Building?!

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“Everything in our lives whether we recognize it or not is music! When the taxis go, ‘honk honk’ – that’s a note. We need to keep music in our children’s lives,” Knight said. “Plus, it broadens us. The music that we learn and the lyrics that come with it tell us stories, how we can live and how we can do things better. And it’s so much easier to incorporate that into who we are when we have music along with it.”

Save the Music made amazing strides during 2016’s Music in Our Schools Month. It conducted a student musician-walked fashion show during Los Angeles Fashion Week, hosted a STEAM education-focused panel at SXSW and even facilitated the nation’s inaugural Arts Education Learning Exchange. The organization has donated $52 million worth of instruments to schools since its inception.

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“Let’s make a difference, for our children,” Knight said. “Whatever else we do wrong, let’s get the music right.” Here, here!

Knight stopped by our office a few months ago and talked about the music industry, Tori Kelly and more: