VH1 Is Recognizing World Autism Awareness Day (and You Should, Too)

Here is how you can show support.

Today, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day, where we recognize the neurobehavioral condition that affects 1 in 68 children in the United States. VH1 is recognizing it this year by turning its on-air “bug”–the small logo at the bottom corner of your screen–blue, the day’s signature color.

And VH1 is just one of many organizations and landmarks–yes, landmarks–that will “light it up blue” in honor of WAAD. Everything from schools to the Empire State Building and Egyptian pyramids shine blue lights to support the millions of people and families affected by autism. We’re sure this year will be no exception.

But if you don’t own a building, no worries— you can still rep WAAD. Here is how:

  • Wear blue on April 2. We guarantee you own at least one blue thing.
  • Post a selfie on social media and hashtag it #LIUB.
  • Hang up some blue lights in your house or apartment.
  • WAAD began in 2007 by the United Nations to shed light on autism as a global health priority. Let’s keep the momentum and make 2016’s WAAD the most powerful one yet. Check out this PSA for more information.