What the Hell Are Britney Spears and Leonardo DiCaprio Doing in this Picture?

Greatest thing on the Internet right now.

If you’re not following fine art enthusiast Britney Spears on Instagram, then you’re clearly missing brain cells. The parrot ally’s Insta is chock-full of delightful photos that scream suburban mom. However, one recent photo Spears uploaded completely goes against this aesthetic, and we’re freaking out (in a good way). What is it, you ask? A vintage selfie of herself with a fan (and occasional actor) Leonardo DiCaprio.
The image screams early 2000s. BritBrit’s jean vest! Leo’s sideways cap! But we’re most perplexed by two things: Spears’ tongue and Leo’s “West Coast” sign. How did this even happen? What were these two dorks doing? The VH1 staff has been debating this all day, and here are our biggest theories:

  • Spears: Leo, what did you think of Crossroads? DiCaprio: Wonderful! *Holds up “West Coast” sign.*
  • Spears: Stick out your tongue with me, Leo! DiCaprio: Whatever. *Holds up “West Coast” sign.*
  • Spears: Why didn’t Rose make room for Jack on the door? DiCaprio: Women be crazy. *Holds up “West Coast” sign.*
  • Spears: Leo, you better work, b–ch! DiCaprio: Work. *Holds up “West Coast” sign.*
  • Do y’all have other theories? Throw ’em out!

    Watch some of DiCaprio’s Best Actor (The Revenant) acceptance speech at the 2016 Academy Awards below.

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