These Insanely Over the Top Promposals Will Make You Feel Like You Missed Out

Spoiler alert: They all said yes.

Prom season is upon us, dear adults.

You may have experienced this special time of year firsthand in high school. If so, you know that there are multiple components of prom season: prom dress shopping, tuxedo renting, figuring out how to properly wear a corsage or boutonniere, and pictures—lots of pictures. But most importantly, there’s the thing that sets it all off: the promposal.

Gone are the days of walking up to the person you want to go to prom with and simply asking them if they, too, want to go with you. It’s 2016. You have to prompose. This means balloons, helicopters, roses, the whole bit. How can you expect to get a “yes” if you don’t go balls to the wall?

The following is a list of insane, over the top, ridiculous, overproduced promposals expertly executed by high school students. God bless their barely legal souls. We can only imagine what their wedding proposals will be like.

  • This dude who rented a helicopter

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    YouTube personality Brent Rivera popped the question to his prom-fiancée by taking her on a helicopter ride. While in the sky, Rivera asked his date to look down at the beach, where he had asked people to spell out “PROM?” with beach umbrellas. The promposal was captured via this well-produced video.

  • This hopeless romantic who went on a “badass adventure”

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    This guy promposed to his future date by making a video that begins where all good things begin: Walmart. The seven-minute video shows the guy going through various obstacles to get to his date, but the coolest part about it all was that the pre-made video was being played in real time during a class. So the ending shows the guy asking his date to prom in real life.

  • This cop-assisted promposal

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    If your high school boyfriend got pulled over by a cop and asked you to get his license and registration out of the glove compartment, would you assume he was about to ask you to prom? Of course not! Cop-assisted promposal for the win.

  • This girl who jumped out of a literal box

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    Izzy took promposal matters into her own hands when asking Mackie to prom. In what looks like the middle of a school courtyard, Izzy set up three boxes, each of which contained balloons and notes spelling out “Will you go to prom with me?” The balloons and notes popped out of the first two boxes when opened, and out popped Izzy of the last one, holding the final note that would land her a prom date.

  • This hilariously over the top promposal involving Frozen

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    Ariel is one lucky girl. An admirer (and maybe boyfriend?) of Ariel’s asked her to prom in a hilariously intricate way. First, he and a group of guys sang to Ariel a cappella while leading her to stage two of the promposal, a.k.a. an all-saxophone rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen. Lastly, the guy performed a choreographed dance to “Let Me Love You” by Ne-Yo with a group of girls. All in all, it was a non-stop fun fest.

  • This dude who pretended to be on the brink of death

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    Talk about outrageous. This guy played dead (via makeup and apparent acting abilities) and somehow got an ambulance to drive him to his date’s house. He was carried out of the ambulance on a stretcher, was rolled to his date’s front door and promposed via a pre-made sign.

  • This gauge-wearing teen writing “Prom?” on 500 ping pong balls

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    At the risk of incurring some sort of hand/wrist injury, this boyfriend wrote “Prom?” on 500 ping pong balls and stuffed them all in his girlfriend’s locker. He had the whole bit recorded, choosing indie rock band Mystery Jets as the soundtrack. This is indie high school love at its finest.

  • This gentleman who pulled out ALL of the stops for his special lady

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    A girl, apparently named Rachelle, was promposed to when she opened her locker to find a toy car at the bottom of it. The car led her through the halls of the school to the gym, where her beloved awaited her with a song and dance routine that included a rendition of Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me.” Along the way, Rachelle received a Prom Queen sash and roses upon roses upon roses. It was a full on showering of love.

  • This borderline embarrassing loudspeaker promposal

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    “Excuse me. Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” There are only two real occasions for these words: (1) a crisis (2) to embarrass someone. The latter was the occasion, as a guy asked a girl to prom at what looks like a school sporting event.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.