Erica Dixon is Living It Up As A Children’s Book Author and Will Probably Be Your Kid’s Fave

"#MyStory #TrueLife"

In case you haven’t noticed, Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has taken her talents elsewhere this season, and she’s been grinding on the book circuit now that she’s a published children’s book author. Erica has been making appearances recently to promote her story Introducing Southern Bell.

“It’s finally finished!!! Whoop whoop, the first #SouthernBellChildrensbook #mystory #truelife #onlymybeginning #blessed #favored”

The book is the first in a series which chronicles the life of none other than Erica herself. She inspires young girls through the book by letting them know that no one or nothing should ever get in the way of their dreams. This book not only will inspire all types of emotions (yes child, you’ll probably tear up a little bit), but the message is oh so very important to the younger generation.

Now that’s how you hold it down, for the kids!

You can purchase Ms. Erica Dixon’s book at and prepare to be moved. Who knows? You might learn a little something too.

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