The Funniest Bey-Hive Reactions To Beyonce’s Lame Good Morning America Announcement

The Bey-hive hilariously reacts to her big announcement

By Christianna Wiggins

Good Morning America recently released a teaser showing a smug Beyonce promising that she had a huge announcement she just “had to share” with fans on the show today.

As a result, all true Bey-hive members set their alarm clocks and waited for the queen to announce a new album with hubby Jay Z or maybe a sibling for Blue Ivy –something to that effect. Instead, Beyonce shocked everyone by revealing…her new vegan diet and workout plan?

The “Drunk In Love” singer woke everyone up early to discuss dietary restrictions and no one was particularly happy about it. Luckily fans channeled their frustrations into making hilarious memes that are now taking over the internet.

First, people were genuinely confused.

Then, there was anger.

Fans tried to decipher the real message.


Then they let Queen B know just how the announcement made them feel.


Other’s got creative with their disappointment.


Meanwhile, a couple of people called Bey out on the apparent hypocrisy.

But eventually, the news sank in and people could carry on with their day.