Awkward! Watch Kourtney Kardashian Catch Scott Disick in Bed With Kendall Jenner

What is going on?

Kourtney Kardashian’s latest Snapchat story will shock you!

In the videos, the mother of three documents herself looking around her home for Kendall Jenner.

“Hey Kyles, have you seen Kenny?” she asks Kylie Jenner, who points down the hallway, noting, “I literally just saw her go over there.” She then documents herself going room to room in search of her sister until she opens the door to the bedroom. “Wait, who is she in here with?” Kourtney asks before catching a glimpse of Kendall and Scott Disick snuggling up next to one another in bed! I guess he wasn’t serious about getting back with Kourtney.

In the final video, Kourtney chases Disick out of the house, saying, “You’re so sick. You’re so inappropriate. Like, what is wrong with you?” As he approaches the car, Scott jokes, “Everybody knows I’m inappropriate!” Then, spinning around, he shouts, “April Fools!”

Ugh, you got us. I was worried for a moment there. Watch the entire snap story unfold below.

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