Chris Hemsworth’s Dramatic Reading of Rihanna’s “Work” is a Life Changing Experience

It's pure poetry.

Have you ever wondered how Rihanna’s “Work” would sound like if it was being read by Chris Hemsworth? To keep it short ladies, it sounds like heaven.

Thor delivered a dramatic reading of the singer’s latest #1 hit when he stopped by BBC Radio 1 this week. He made it through RiRi’s entire chorus without breaking focus. The black and white imagery mixed with Hemsworth’s deep Australian voice and a healthy dosage of Barbadian patois is ethereal.

“It’s like I was at the Globe watching Shakespeare,” host Nick Grimshaw jokingly stated after the monologue.

“It drummed up a whole lot of feelings, emotions, and past experiences,” Hemsworth joked. “It makes you just want to get to work. Hear that, kids? Get a job.”

I got a job for you, Chris. Create a weekly podcast in which you deliver dramatic monologues of popular songs like the one below. Next up: Justin Bieber “Love Yourself.” You’re welcome, ladies.

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