Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones Got “Naked and Afraid” for SNL

Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones must survive 21 days in the wilderness.

There’s are always dull moments in television, but sometimes a TV network throws a curveball and introduces the world to something so ridiculous we can’t help but watch. Discovery’s Naked and Afraid is exactly that. The concept of the show features two strangers who are are left naked and with no resources and must survive in the wild for a month. It’s one of the most bizarre concepts for a TV show ever. Saturday Night Live seems to realize the insanity of the show, and decided to elevate the stakes with a fictitious celebrity version.

This special episode features Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage and SNL cast member Leslie Jones. The two quickly conflict, as Peter’s well-behaved, smart, and adaptive persona is contrasted with Leslie’s brash and hilarious approach to survival making for a laugh-out-loud sketch. Watch below.

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