A Fan Claims She Got Freaky with Swae Lee from Rae Sremmurd, Spills Tea on Twitter

No one's business is safe!

If we learned anything from Nick Young’s shenanigans last week, it’s that no one’s bedroom business is safe in the era of Twitter. Swae Lee from Rae Sremmurd should’ve kept this is mind before getting in bed with a woman who goes by Dorothy P. on Twitter. Why, you ask? Because Dorothy spent the past two days dishing about her rendezvous with Swae on social media. And it’s juicy in a really bizarre way.
Dorothy–who is photographed next to Lee with the words “F-ck Me” written across her chest–tweeted, “I got some black eyes and still got that celebrity D” on April 2. (But don’t worry, Lady D claims the eye bruises are from skateboarding accidents. Apparently, girl can rip on a board.)

However, it appears Lee has a different interpretation of the events. He responded to Dorothy’s tweets the next day with, “man come on you don’t want me to leak the video you know you were a third wheel stop getting these people excited lol.” Video?! Third wheel? Wait, what the hell actually happened between these two?

XXL linked the (NSFW) clip in question to its post about Lee and Dorothy’s Twitter fingers. According to the site, the video features a woman who isn’t Dorothy wearing a baseball cap chillin’ next to Lee. Above them, basically out of the frame, is (apparently) Dorothy–which explains the third-wheel shade.

“What can I say I’m a fuckin savage,” Lee tweeted shortly before posting the video to Twitter. Yes, he is.

But don’t think Dorothy is sweating bullets over the clip. Quite the opposite, actually. She’s #thankful to Lee for helping her get more Twitter followers–which, let’s be real, is the ultimate goal for us all.

Another day, another tea party.

So, is Dorothy the side chick or nah? We don’t know, but watch this video about the art of maintaining a side chick. Vital information right here.