Kylie Jenner’s Paper Magazine Cover Is the Strangest, Scariest (and Coolest) Thing You’ll See All Day

Brace yourself for alien chic.

We didn’t think Kylie Jenner could shock us at this point, but she just did with a little help from Paper magazine.

The culture glossy unveiled the cover of its April issue, and it features Jenner looking out of this world. No, really: She looks like a literal alien.

Clad in a pink plastic wig, Jenner poses hands-on-cheeks and looking into the distance. She’s surrounded by a fuzzy blue substance–A sweater? A shirt?–but that’s not the scariest part. Paper manipulated Jenner’s eyes and signature lips to look bigger–yes, bigger–than they already are. And the results are strange, terrifying and pretty effing cool.

With 56.8 million followers on Instagram alone (and counting), it makes sense for Paper to make Jenner the star of its #YOUth issue. The world’s first lip-themed movie star is a voice for the selfie-obsessed generation, whether you like it or not.

But we have to ask, Paper: Why the bubblegum martian makeover? We give you props for creativity, but this ish will definitely gives us nightmares. Hell, it reminds us of some of the scariest entities in pop culture history:

  • Like 2007 Britney Spears in a pink wig.

  • And Frenchy from Grease.

    Paramount Pictures
  • And this Pink Furby.

  • And Gwen Stefani here.


Pink terrors for days. (But it’s dope.)

Get the history of Jenner’s relationship with Tyga in the video below.

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