Hazel-E Pulled Out A Serious Receipt To Prove Her Miscarriage Really Happened

Sometimes you just need to to let the people know!

Hazel-E of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recently did an interview with VladTV where she revealed that she suffered a miscarriage last year. Some serious haters must’ve gotten to Miss Hazel E. Baby because she pulled out the receipts quick on Instagram, to let everyone know that it really happened.

“@vladtv was day b4 my nose surgery FYI & here’s your receipt…fucc I gotta lie for??? She asked why I quit so I told the truth ?”

In the actual interview, Hazel-E states, “I was pregnant and it got tricky for me. At the end of the season with being pregnant, I end up having a miscarriage.” Despite previously denying being preggers by the famous comedian, Hazel now claims that Katt Williams would have been the father and the miscarriage may have been the reason the two eventually split up.

Although tragic, kudos to Hazel for being strong enough to speak on the subject. Check out the full VladTV interview below.

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