Momma Dee Shades New Mom Karen “KK” King and Hilariously Recaps the Season Premiere

"Someone's storyline seems a little similar to the Original Queen of the South..."

Momma Dee does the most and she’s pretty hilarious when she does it. Last night the Queen of the South recapped the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season five premiere in only the way she could, ridiculous.

Check some of her Tweets for pure comedy gold and also a lil bit of shade thrown at new mom in town Karen “KK King.

Momma Dee had some thoughts about Karen carrying around her pup.

She, of course, was here for her son, Lil Scrappy.

But went on the record to clear up the rumors about her dining and dashing from her birthday dinner.

And don’t think she’ll be minding her own business this season. Scrappy’s business IS her business.

Momma Dee had something to say about Mimi’s new boo Chris.

And she promised her stans that new music is on the way.

And she’s loving that her Scrappy and Joc have dropped KD and Bambi.

And making good points.

Momma Dee wants to know what Momma KK’s storyline really is? Oop.

Momma Dee does not mind calling Karlie Redd out for being messy boots.

And has jokes for Mimi.

She commented on her big “lay” of the night.

But apologized for leaving all that hay up in Pressed.

You the real MVP Momma Dee!

Watch VH1’s exclusive preseason interview with Karen “KK” King where she makes it clear there are no similarities between she and Momma Dee.

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