The Ballad Of Mimi & The Freako: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 407

Rasheeda, Margeaux, and Joseline just want the truth to be heard!

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta everyone was getting like the most real and everyone was still talking about the sex tape. Mimi and Margeaux got real with each other about what really went down with that sex tape leaking, Rasheeda got real with Kirk by selling his belongings, and Joseline got very real with Stevie about his “side” indiscretions.

Need a refresher? Check out all the most hilarious, sad, and awkward moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode 407 now!

  • Mimi and Margeaux come face to hand

    But why you so mad Mimi?

  • Mimi denies that she was in on the tape leak

    But like.

  • When you kinda don’t believe your bestie

    Margeaux tells Ariane that Mimi made Nikko take the blame because she’s a mother. Ariane says she’s not sure but her face says it all.

  • You made a secret sex tape while we were married so you serious, bruh?

    Nikko comes down on Margeaux for revealing Mimi’s secret.

  • When you’re dad’s the center of the [reality TV] circus

    You’re like it’s cool but nah.

  • Stevie has selective memory when it comes to Jessica Dime

    Mimi and Stevie reunite to talk about their management company and Nikko’s management of Mimi’s book.

  • Meanwhile, Kirk is all the way turnt because Rasheeda’s auctioning off his belongings

    We’d assume it was fake if Kirk didn’t look so dang mad in this moment!

  • I’m sorry, Ashley, did you just come for Miss Shirleen?

  • Please don’t come for her unless she sends for you, boo.

    Shirleen is serving: who’s gonna check me, boo-realness.

  • Mimi’s a mastermind AKA Mimi thinks she’s a mastermind

    Per Deb Antney’s advice, Mimi and Eva work on a series of children’s books to fulfill her deal with “Freako.”

  • Oh, so you are a dumb bish

    Ariane finds out that Nikko recorded all his conversations with Mimi. Why is she so mad if there’s nothing to hide?

  • Bae pulls a pop up during your massage but no one can get you a damn robe?

    Joc tries to win back Khadiyah at her massage but KD isn’t convinced.

  • Sometimes you feel like a (do)nut.

    Karlie and Joseline workout together and talk mad shet about the Mimi-Margeaux confrontation. Joseline’s annoyed that she skipped out on the fashion show.

  • Kirk Frost is a sad little baby man.

    Rasheeda uses her words (rather than an auction) to tell Kirk what’s up once again convincing us these two are in it (messiness and all) ’til the end.

  • Nikko’s left the building, FREAKO is here and mad

    Freako gets rill with Mimi. Says she can try to play him with Eva’s books and the lies but he’s not here for it.

  • You gonna make breakfast like that, ma?

    Joseline and Stevie reunite for breakfast.

  • Joseline tells Stevie he’s trash/Stevie says he’d never marry trash like Joseline

    The insults and OJ get hurled. Joseline has had it.

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