Every Desperate Thing Hillary Clinton Has Done to Chase the Youth Vote

Hillary has no chill-ary.

By Brenden Gallagher

All politicians are a little bit desperate for votes from particular demographics. Bernie has gone out of his way to appeal to minorities. Donald Trump has become a better fake Christian than a horny teen who wants to bone the pastor’s daughter.

There has been a lot of it across the political spectrum, no political pandering this election cycle has been as cringeworthy and hilarious as Hillary’s attempt to connect with the youth vote. Polling and election results across the country consistently look something like this Iowa entrance poll.

The under thirty crowd is no more ready for Hillary than they are ready to pay off their student loans. Clinton is pulling out all the stops to change the fact the millenials like her about as much as they like paying for cable. This has meant engaging with every television personality, meme, and viral dance move possible to get her a chunk of that youth vote. Here’s a look at the desperate moves Hillary has made in pursuit of the young and their sweet sweet … um, votes.

Hot Sauce Swag
April 18, 2016

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Hillary confessed to something that could potentially give her huge cool points with young Black voters. When host Charlamagne asked what she carries in her bag, she said she rolls everywhere with a bottle of hot sauce. Black Twitter immediately pounced on her for trying to get in formation with the line from Beyonce’s song “Formation.” While Hillary actually has the receipts for her hot sauce addiction, the timing and place for this mention were definitely a solid play for the kids.

Kim K Selfie
August 6, 2015

It has long been debated if a photo with multiple people in it can truly be called a selfie, but that is a conversation for yet another Kim Kardashian related post. During the August 15th GOP debate, Hillz stole headlines from People to TMZ when she was snapped in that coveted Kardashian-West selfie sandwich.

Watch Her Whip. Watch her Nae Nae. Watch me wish I never had to see anyone whip or nae nae ever again.
September 10, 2015

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